Beauty and Pregnancy: my change of perspective on looking beautiful



Six months ago if you had seen me outside of my house, you most definitely wouldn’t have seen me bare faced, and if you did see me, it would have been one of two places- Mecca Maxima or work (Queue laughter, not the most social person out). My beauty standards were something along the lines of ‘I do think I’m beautiful without makeup, but I’d rather people saw me with it on’. Fast track six months to present day, and I honestly can say I’d be able to count on my two hands the amount of times I’ve worn makeup in the last 2 months.

Call it the impact that morning sickness has on your motivation, OR the surprising priority shift that happens in the first few months of pregnancy… either way I’m spending a heck of a lot less money on makeup then I ever thought I would. I’d like to note that regardless of whether someone wears a lot of makeup or not this does not express that they are or aren’t confident in their own looks. But what I would like to share is the surprising way something as natural as pregnancy has given me a sudden and real sense of love for my own body and the way it works.

Feeling unwell day in and out for almost a month definitely took its toll on my actual ability to do makeup before I left the house. However I found that whilst looking in the mirror before I left I felt almost completely confident that everyone I saw that day would see my face completely bare, bags, blemishes and all.

Is this mother nature finally telling me to stop thinking first and foremost of myself? Maybe some weird, magical natural preparation to care for a child before I worry about my face, yet somehow still instills confidence in me that when I leave the house no one will scream in terror? All relevant I suppose… nevertheless, curiously exciting.

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