Bump Update: Week 15


People were always miraculously surprised this week when I mentioned that I am officially 4 months pregnant, “What?! No… you’re skinnier than me!” “Where the heck are you hiding it?”… well believe me, clothing is extremely deceptive. Never ever in my life have I had a tummy (yes I’m lucky, good genetics, however I played so much sport as a kid it was insane), but this is a tummy and a half in my perspective, I almost scare myself half to death looking in the mirror side on. I sometimes catch myself thinking, but what if its actually just all the big macs and soft serve ice creams I used to have catching up on me? What if I really am just getting fat?

It’s also in that awkward stage this week where, with clothes on, it kind of just looks like I ate a little too much for breakfast. So I like to occasionally put my hand on my stomach whilst I’m in public, signalling to strangers (who probably really couldn’t care less) that no, I’m not fat and in desperate need for a gym membership, I am in fact growing a real life little baby! In hopes that instead of them thinking “ew maybe lose some weight” they’ll be thinking, “aw, baby, yes cute”. Could be insecurity, could be hormones, either way I feel really kind of special when I rub my tummy, like the mums in movies who are so emotionally connected to their baby that rubbing it makes it look like they’re communicating with each other (magical music, skin glowing, laughing while looking at the camera… you know the scenes I’m talking about).

I’ve achieved a heck of a milestone this week! Not one vomit… Not a SINGLE one!! This is so damn exciting because every other week since week 4 I have had at least one incident. Between week 4 and week 10 was definitely the worst of it, multiple incidents a day, multiple smells as triggers including food I usually enjoy. I’ve got to hand it to the mummas out there, you’re freaking champions (including my own beautiful mum), Morning Sickness is a LIE (it is ALL the time!) and it is so much worse than Sims make it out to be, lets be real… they vomit like 3 times and then all of a sudden are full term, how unrealistic! So to say that I am excited that the fog has finally lifted would be an understatement.

Now I can’t say I’ve had any super weird cravings, but my tastebuds have been doing super freaky things, like making thick shakes taste like beer (um YUCK), and soy-sauce taste like vegemite. I also smell things out of the blue that no one else can smell, like lasagne… just randomly like OOOO lasagne, and then everyone I am with will look at me funny as if I’m just making up a scent (smh, if I was them I’d be sad I couldn’t smell the lasagne, lasagne is amazing).

We have our Morphology scan coming up in a few weeks, which I’m looking forward to, yet at the same time dreading because I honestly think that this time I am probably going to accidentally wee myself, SERIOUSLY who’s bright idea was it to get pregnant women (who already have the uncontrollable urge to wee every 5 minutes) to drink a litre of water and then HOLD IT for an HOUR… You know what actually, I bet it was a man, someone who has no idea what its like to have a tiny human leaning on your bladder making it impossible not to wet yourself when you sneeze or turn around too quickly. Typical really, if you ask me.

We will be finding out the gender! Which I personally think makes having to nearly wet myself in public worth it. Mostly because we are both impatient people, but also because the pregnancy itself was surprise enough for us, so I think we’re good for surprises, at least for a while. And we’re having a gender reveal party! which will be super fun, and really special being able to share it with all of our beautiful family and friends in the one place at the same time.

Basically week 15 has been so kind to me, I couldn’t help but share it, and our little one is currently the size of an apple. No flutters yet, but I’m sure this blog will be the first place I share it. I honestly can’t wait to feel our little one dancing away inside of me!14281493_670839489747233_101961372_n.jpg(photo difference week 13 to week 15)


2 thoughts on “Bump Update: Week 15”

  1. I used to do the awkward ‘I’m not fat I’m pregnant’ bump hold to.. I don’t think many if anyone noticed though, they just kind of give you a look as if you’re ill😂 congratulations momma!! Ill 100% be following your journey with little bump! Good luck👌🏼x


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