Maternity Wear: Size eight is not great

One of the most exciting aspects of pregnancy (besides the baby itself), I believe is your ever growing belly. It’s a physical reminder from your little one saying “hey Mumma! I’m here, I’m growing really quickly!”. And this beautiful experience comes with many ups an downs, sometimes ligament pain can have you awake at 3 am, making your whole upper stomach feel like someone is stretching it out (which they are actually).

Occasionally you’ll accidentally bump into a counter that is uteri-height which almost winds you/almost makes you pee yourself. You’ll also have those joys moments when you get home from work, unbutton your pants and sit wide-legged on the couch like an old man with a beer gut with your hand on your belly, yet is somehow so oddly satisfying that you find yourself trying not to smile too much in order not to look like a weirdo in front of company.

By far the biggest thing I have found that is a major frustration is not fitting old clothes, yet at 16 and a half weeks not being big enough to fit into any proper maternity wear. I’ve tried bigger pants (size ten) that virtually fall off of me with every step, then I’ve tried bigger pants with a belt, which serves no purpose because you’re back to that half squashed belly feeling you get with size eight pants anyway.

THEN I thought i was the coolest mum on earth because I found size 8 maternity skinny jeans in k-mart, which did nothing for me but also fall down because the elastic was too loose around my still pretty tiny belly bump. I found the most effective thing so far is definitely the hair-tie/elastic band trick through the loop of your jeans (for anyone that is curious to know what that is I’ve inserted a photo, which is not mine just to clarify- I’m too lazy to take a photo of my own crotch) However this trick STILL has its flaws at it makes me feel like everyone can see halfway down my knickers.


It breaks my heart, size eight ladies, we’re walking around with our pregnant bellies and our pants half way down our legs like some kind of white-boy rapping try hard 16 year old. Where is the in between range?  The ‘bump in progress’ maternity line? We want to look casual and confident during the day (without wearing the standard tights or sweat pants) and not be constantly pulling them up or thinking everyone is looking down our front at our knickers.


4 thoughts on “Maternity Wear: Size eight is not great”

  1. I feel ya! I’m 17+5 right now and I don’t fit any of my pants 😭 I’m down to wearing leggings as pants, which is something I have been doing for a while haha. I haven’t actually looked for maternity wear yet, but I’m 5’1 and 49kg, so I imagine there isn’t a lot for me right now haha. You should go into business and create a line for small people/those in the inbetween stages like us!

    I feel you on bumping your stomach too. I can’t hold things against my belly without it feeling odd. It also feels weird to lie down on my stomach now, which is annoying because that’s how I sleep 😭


    1. Yes! I’m an avid tummy sleeper as well, haven’t been able to sleep that way for a while now, it’s so upsetting! Seriously the oddest feeling isn’t it! 😂

      And yes 100% need to make a tiny maternity range, I feel like it would serve such an important purpose


      1. I can still sleep that way if I don’t think about it too much 😂 it just feels like someone has shoved a hard ball under my t-shirt. I think it would! My friend was 32kg when she fell pregnant! Her end weight was 46kg 😂

        Have you joined any baby groups on Facebook? They have absolutely saved my life and it’s nice to be able to talk to people who are due around the same time as you 😊

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  2. I haven’t been able to find any with people who are expecting around the same time as me, what are they titled? I’ll have a look around ☺️ so far I’ve only joined ones selling second hand baby things


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