About us

My name is Emily and my partners name is Daniel. We’ve been together for almost five years now, and have been living together for two years. Dan is Twenty and I am Nineteen! This is page is a way for me to document our journey to parenthood and beyond, in hopes to create somewhere I can come in the years to come to look back on things we’ve done, while at the same time sharing our journey with anyone and everyone who will listen.

Our Little Love Story

Daniel and I have actually known each other for almost eleven years now, although we are now living in Brisbane, Queensland, we grew up together in the tiny (and humble) town of Moura in Central Queensland. We attended the same primary school and high school until I reached the end of year eight, and although our interest for each other had blossomed and we had begun a relationship, our families moved in opposite directions away from Moura, Daniel to Brisbane and myself to Moranbah in North Queensland. With only a short parting of our relationship half way through our time apart of a year, distance (although was testing at times) didn’t keep our feelings for each other becoming real and beautiful, we reunited whilst I was finishing year ten and are still together today, finally moving in with one another (and crushing distance) two years ago.

I’ve never felt the way I do about Daniel with anyone else and I am so so happy that of all the people to be expecting a child with, that it is him.

Our Little Poppy (seed)

On the morning of June 17th (I think, it was a while ago now but that date seems right in my head so lets just go with it) I went to the doctors experiencing chronic abdominal pain, fully expecting the issue to be something period or iron related (my usual problems) little did I know that I’d be walking out of the surgery carrying a blood test form to confirm pregnancy in my shaky hands, not even 10 minutes later. One of the biggest, most life changing moments of my whole entire life. I drove home (lucky it was only a minute drive) in utter shock, and nothing can compare to the feeling of relief I got when I slumped into Daniel’s arms. “I’m pregnant” and his reply was all I ever needed to hear “I love you, it’s going to be okay”. We kept our little ‘Poppy’ (bump nickname, not actual name) our little secret, besides close family, for 12 long weeks before finally announcing our next biggest adventure together on social media. Since then life has been an absolute whirlwind, a crazy, exciting and unbelievably loving journey. We decided to find out the gender of our little Poppy very early on, and finally on the 26th of September we found out, in our sonographers words, we were having a little lady!! would we be calling her Poppy? No, but we had an even better name picked out. Now we’re just 3 weeks away from her due date and couldn’t be more thrilled! (or impatient hehe). I can’t wait to keep sharing our journey with you all!


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