Sex Talk – So, you’re not having it like you used to?

Hide your screen from your mama, this one is about sex. REAL talk.

I know when you’re a teen sex is this exciting, experimental part of your life. And this is probably true lifelong if you want it to be. But for many of us in long term relationships, or with kids, or even just full time work, sex can sometimes fall in line with the “task” category. You know, along with writing the grocery list and hanging out the washing… And recently I’ve had an open discussion with my instagram community about WHY that is.

Most of us lead quite busy lives. Yes, even us stay at home mums. And SO many of my followers agreed that to them, finding the time and energy for physical intimacy is a task. Why? Because we are spending so much energy elsewhere, on our kids, our job, the housework. And the problem is, that is energy we have to spend. We can’t just suddenly not rock up to our job, or decide to stop feeding/bathings/soothing/nurturing our children. It’s just the busyness that is life. And it can be totally exhausting.

In one of the polls I created over 80% of people stated that they aren’t enjoying sex as often as they’d like to. The key words in the question; They’d LIKE to. See, none of us are out here not wanting to. It’s just when push comes to shove, we’re too tired or too touched out. But what if we changed the way we looked at it? After all, sex isn’t a task, it’s a feeling. A place you can share with your partner to get away from the daily tasks and busyness that is life. And I KNOW that changing your mindset on the matter can be difficult, but if you don’t you risk being stuck in the struggle of balancing intimacy and real life, which can have a profound impact on your relationship.

Remember the first time you kissed your partner? Or the way you felt when you got a text from them in those first few weeks before you “made it official”? None of those feelings were forced, they were totally non-intentional, blissfully consuming feelings. Undoubtably you felt them for a reason. The physical chemistry between you and your partner exists, otherwise you would never have come together. There is no denying that a relationship will never feel as electric as it does in the beginning, however making the effort is something you are capable of taking control of.

I know a lot of advice I hear is “alone time”, like organising dates or weekends away. Which I will admit, are definitely important. Though I truly feel that working on the daily things can have a far greater impact. In my poll I asked about all forms of physical intimacy (like holding hands, hugging, kissing etc) NOT including sex, and how often people engaged in it and whether they thought that it was often enough. A large majority said “not enough” or “not as much as we used to”. And while work and general life can get in the way of things, this daily intimacy stuff that isn’t sex is almost more important than the sex itself! If you find it difficult, set yourself a small daily goal, even if it’s just five minutes of undistracted conversation about your day. Make the effort to give your partner that undivided attention, you’ll be surprised where that can lead. I HAVE to stress that your phone will be the biggest culprit in taking away from this on a day to day basis, so make sure you put it down to dedicate that time to yourself and your partner.

Let go. I know for me, as a mum, I find it SO hard to relax. I flinch away from intimacy a lot because I feel stressed out and high stung. I always find that taking a breath and taking in the moment for what it is helps. Forget about the washing or the dirty kitchen for a bit and take the moment for what it is, time with your partner. And remember you deserve to have those moments together, the washing and the dishes will be there later.

I think sharing the fact that we’re all in our own ways facing this struggle with intimacy is important to note. No one has a perfect relationship, and the people with great relationships have them as a result of momentous effort. Comparison, however, is the thief of joy. There is not a single relationship that exists that is the same as the next, so I think perhaps the best advice I can give is, don’t compare, look for the individual good in what you already have, and build up from there. Is it the way he can make you laugh? Or maybe the way she comforts you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. There IS something special about choosing to share your life with someone, its sharing the load of the mundane and still having someone to flop onto the couch with at the end of it all.

It is so easy to neglect our relationships. Especially when we are so wrapped up in our lives. We love because it feels right, not because it’s easy or effortless. I’m not saying you should jump into bed every spare chance you get, but I am saying, look into their eyes a little more, hold their hand when you get the chance, ask how they are and actually listen to their answer. You both deserve to feel some of that magic from the beginning of your relationship. The secret is in realising it hasn’t really gone anywhere, you just may have to dig a little deeper to reach it.

xx Emily @

Beautiful Photo from our engagement shoot by Jocelyn at JC Photography Services

A Light at the End of the Tunnel (of morning sickness)

I’ve chosen not to document the past few weeks, mainly because they’ve been very very challenging for me. And also because I’ve certainly shared my fair share of doom and gloom on this page about morning sickness. Lets just say that this time around was a LOT worse than what I experienced with Vi and we’ll leave it at that.

Here we are now at around about the ten week mark and my days are certainly more joy filled then they have been for a few months. Violet is always a happy little girl, so I do feel like she has made this journey as easy as it could possibly be for someone struggling to keep any food down at all for a number of months.

Our close family and friends are now in the know and have been for a couple of weeks! I really do think that sharing your news makes dealing with the difficult things easier to manage. My parents were overjoyed when Violet handed them her book “You’re a big sister”, Mum gave me this look of confusion that almost immediately turned to squeals of joy, and Dad gave me the smirk he often gives people when he’s trying not to seem too excited (when he really is).

I’ll be honest, it all doesn’t seem real yet. Even though I’m throwing up and not really fitting into my jeans anymore. I guess it always seems to be one of the things in life that don’t really feel real until you’re holding your little newborn in your arms… And sometimes it still doesn’t feel real after that. Heck, some days I look at my one year old and think… “holy sh*t, I’m your MUM”. But there is joy and happiness all the same, regardless of realism.

My biggest challenges at the moment always seem to be the most simple tasks. Changing Vi’s bottom is a real struggle, especially when she conveniently seems to poo directly after I’ve eaten, meaning I lose the entire meal I just had the minute I finish changing her nappy. And the little things like going to the park or taking the washing off the line really steal a lot of my energy. With that follows the bit of guilt that I’m not able to keep vi fully occupied all the time. She is a great little independent player though so again, she makes things that bit easier for me.

We’ve nicknamed this little one Bean and I’m keeping up with Bean’s size on the Baby Centre app once again, and a new app I’ve found called Ovia. Ovia has much the same concept as baby centre (size comparisons, articles etc) but offers a little bit more insight into the actual size of your teeny tiny baby by showing you exactly how small their hands and feet would be if you could see them. It’s all a bit novel, but it reminds me every day to take a little time to think about the little one inside of me while we’re so busy being a family on the outside.

I am really relieved that I’m starting to feel a lot better, being more motivated and positive is so much easier when you’re not throwing up hourly.

Week 2 of knowing, week 5 (or 6) of growing

If I had to describe this week in one word, it would be “nauseating”. From about the 3rd day after we got a positive, I started vomiting, and I haven’t stopped. Morning sickness and a toddler are two incredibly full on things, things that put together I’ve dreaded for a very long time.

I’ve probably already spoken about the joys of ALL DAY SICKNESS. A lot actually because 1) In my last pregnancy I was very sick for the better part of about 3 months and 2) I am a total and utter sook when it comes to being sick. So naturally I have had a good old whinge on my blog about it. But this… this is next level.

I’m normally a pretty rock solid stomach. I mean… we do cloth for Pete’s sake. You know, the nappies people have to WASH. Yeah, those. Poop scraping included. So I’d like to call myself pretty strong in terms with dealing with poo, pee and all of the other general messiness that comes with toddlers. But when you struggle to keep food down WITHOUT looking at/smelling/touching poop, this becomes… testing to say the least.

Gross things aside, Vi really has been such a joy these last few weeks. She’s always a joy, bless her little heart. And she’s capable of making me smile no matter how badly I feel like I’m going to spew… or makes me smile while I’m spewing by joining me at the toilet door yelling Sim language words of encouragement “TEE MA MUM!”. And after I flush my sorrows down the toilet along with my lunch, she’ll often greet me as I open the door with a LOUD re-enactment of what I just sounded like (but cuter).

I’m still coming to terms with what is actually happening inside of me. Despite my sickness it really still doesn’t feel real. I suppose because Vi has been the centre of my focus for more than 2 years now (including the pregnancy) so imagining a tiny little someone, completely different to vi is almost otherworldly. I often feel moments of guilt where I realise that I’m so preoccupied with what’s happening outside in the world, that I’m almost forgetting there’s another whole world growing inside of me. But I do trust my body to be the nourishing, loving home for this little one, just as it was with vi.

I often find myself questioning how one person can hold enough love inside of them for two children. Because one is all I’ve ever known. But I do trust it will come in a wave of emotion, just as big and just as powerful as the one that overtook us the moment we laid eyes on our Violet. My only hope is for her to feel that love just as we do for her little sibling, even though he/she may preoccupy us in some moments in time.

I’m not sure I mentioned this in my last post, but we’ve decided we won’t be finding out the gender this time around. Crazy right?! There are very few surprises in life like being told the gender of your newborn baby, and we’ve decided it’s something we absolutely have to experience. If I’m honest, I’m not worried about “stocking up” we have plenty of neutral newborn clothes, and if it turns out to be a girl then we’ll be set! If not, boys can wear pink right? Hahaha! No, but in all honesty. They grow so quickly, I’m not too concerned about having everything colour coded that he/she needs before they join us earth side. Won’t I be dying to know?! Yes! But that makes the wait even more exciting.

For now, I am just SO excited about my mum and dad joining us this coming weekend! I’ve held off on telling them because I really wanted to do this in person with them this time. Last time was, stressful, to say the least. And I really want to show them just how happy we all are about welcoming our new addition. And what better way to then in person while they are all here with us. I am a little stressed that mum might be offended that we kept it from her, but I’m hoping that when I tell her why, she will understand and still be excited with us anyway (I know she will be). I also really just want to stop throwing up everything I eat 😩 but patience and time will give me that eventually. And good things await us on this long and beautiful journey to becoming a family of 4 (7 if you include the cat, dog and my boarding brother 🤣).

I can’t wait to share this with you all in a few months. But I’m glad I decided to start blogging (on private for now) until I can share this wonderful news with you all.

Here We Go Again!

So today, on the 26th of March 2018 (my best friends 21st birthday) we found out that we are in fact, expecting our second child…That honestly feels so strange to type.

For a couple of months now we have been thinking about a second baby. Seeing so many of my friends almost arriving at their due date for their first child and even a few announce the pregnancy of their second, it has definitely been on my mind. My hesitations were all laid within superficial things really, like wanting to get plastered for my impending 21st at the end of the year and wanting exactly 2 years between babies for no particular reason other than it sounded nice to say.

I think Dan has been ready for a while. And by a while I mean, at least 4 or so months. But if i’m honest I only really became okay with the idea of it within the last couple of months. We’ve never been about ‘trying’ obviously, so we’ve just taken the “if it happens, it happens” approach.

Ultimately I really want to bring a sibling into the world for Vi. I feel like she would be an amazing big sister. Though a little voice inside my head has been saying “maybe it’s too soon”, I feel like that little voice would probably have reached me regardless of how long we waited. And there are always going to be emotions of self doubt and even a little fear… it is a huge thing after all. But I know we are ready. We’ve had a plan in place for a little while, and now it’s time to implement it.

It is honestly weird to start this journey all over in a different mindset. I remember this moment with Violet, alone in the doctors surgery being told I was pregnant. It rocked me to my core. But this time it was so simple and so much less scary.

I’ve been feeling off for a couple of days, nothing hugely significant but still, different to my usual self. (TMI Warning) I noticed about 2 weeks ago that my nipples were a bit sensitive, I kind of just pinned it down to Violet teething again but still thought it was strange. And around the same time I noticed a bunch of really painful bind pimples on my back and chest which is abnormal for me and also happened in my first pregnancy so that was another little sign.

Something completely different to the first though I have noticed is my mood. I shrugged off the other signs because I have been SO incredibly grumpy, which is usually a huge sign for me that my period is on her way. But even more so than usual. I’ve been an emotional wreck, crying over silly things, getting infuriatingly mad over others… I just thought I was having bad pre PMS. But I was wrong, and here we are. Starting this incredible journey all over again for the second time.

Am I worried? Yes and no. I mean, pregnancy is such an unpredictable journey, and of course there will be ups and downs but I don’t doubt our ability to pull through it all just like we did with the last. My biggest concern is probably Violet, our precious little Vi. Of course I have been told that the love that comes for the second is just as prominent as the first, but of course right now that is hard to imagine. She is my world. But I also can’t wait to give her the absolute joy of a sibling. I just worry over her confusion and possible jealousy, but I am really hoping the love she will have for her sibling comes through stronger than any of the other emotions she will go through.

Our precious Vi really is growing up, and to think of her as becoming a big sister is so hart warming. I’m still in awe. In 9 months we will become a family of four. Hold on tight  guys, it’s going to be a rollercoaster that no one wants to get off.

Our experience with bedtime and crying

Notice how the title doesn’t say “controlled crying” or “cry it out”. Yeah, I did that on purpose. Mainly because the method we use doesn’t have a name, we just did what felt right and what worked for us. If you read this and think, hey that actually is a method written about feel free to let me know! I’d love to read it.

Now this is a touchy subject. I’ve seen MANY heated discussions on bedtime methods and what people think is right and wrong for children. And I won’t deny the science or the methods out there in books and in documentaries but we decided quite early on that we would take parenting as a day to day thing, do what feels right and if and when it stops feeling right for us or our baby, we’d stop.

Until our daughter was 6 months old we had a pretty easy run, she would fall asleep in our arms and then we would move her to her cot and she would stay asleep until the next feed, whenever that may be. She never slept through but this is something we were and are still ok with. She would wake up at night, have a feed and nod straight back off to sleep. I’d either shift her back into her cot or enjoy a bit of co-sleep cuddles for the night, whatever felt right at the time.

After 6 months we started noticing her “bedtime” was getting later and later, because no matter how hard we tried, if she was being held around a light or tv or conversation, we was too curious to fall asleep. This posed an issue for us, because it meant I either had to go off to a dark room in silence and hold her until she fell asleep OR switch up our method. I endured 4 months of the first option before I’d decided enough was enough. And that’s when we introduced a proper, scheduled night time routine.

Kids LOVE routine. And we’d always had a rough routine of what order things are done in but never really set times. So we decided, start cooking dinner at 5:30, she eats by six, bath time by 6:30-7, book and bed before 7:30. “Bed” was into the cot with me beside her but not touching or talking to her.

The first few nights were tough. She sat and cried and cried at me, every 10 minutes or so I would give her a short little pat on the back and a reassuring “I love you” but I wouldn’t pick her up… she was tired and me picking her up would only prolong sleep. The first few nights it took about 30-40 minutes of crying. Not terrified crying, not hurt crying, not hysterical crying, just whingey tired crying.

Slowly but surely, the amount of time she would spend crying got shorter and shorter. After about 4 nights of the new routine she was only crying for 10 or so minutes. And by a week and a half I could walk into her room with her in my arms, place her down in the cot, pat her quietly for about 10 seconds or so, say I love you and leave the room with absolutely NO fussing or crying.

I was astonished. This was a child that hardly ever self soothed, now going to sleep almost entirely on her own, no fuss, and almost HAPPY to be going to bed.

Now I’m not here to preach, every baby is different and every parent will do things differently so I’m definitely not going to tell anyone what to do or that it will work for them. And I didn’t walk into this new routine thinking we’d see that much of a difference but HOLY, it has changed our lives. Our night times are almost completely stress free, beautiful in fact. My partner and I can enjoy alone time without fear of having to listen to tears, or trying to be quiet so she would go to sleep in my arms.

She doesn’t sleep through. She never has, but she’s easy to get back to sleep, so that’s never been a problem with us. I am just so surprised at how well this has worked for us.

I’d love to hear stories of bedtime success! No judgement from me either as to how you got there! It’s a long and tough journey but such a feat when you finally reach it. So share away in the comments!

5 Thing I would tell my 14 year old self

We’ve all had those moments where we think… “If I could turn back time”. When I think back to when I was 14 there are certainly some cringeworthy moments that come to mind. However despite everything those years brought to me, happy and sad, I don’t regret a lot of things at all.

2011 was the year I turned 14, all of the telltale signs of angry adolescence hung directly overhead and I had absolutely no idea the kind of effect it would take on me, nor did my parents or anyone I knew really. I was now a teenager… totally unpredictable, right? Well I have a few words of advice for the newly 14 year old Emily.


Black eyeliner and a side-fringe never really suited anyone

I get it, everyone is doing it. You figure if everyone is doing it, it must be cool right? wrong. So wrong. Your almost 20 year old self recently debated the whole fringe thing again, then looked at photos of you and laughed and laughed and laughed and then didn’t get a fringe. It’s not that you aren’t pretty, it’s just the world likes you so much better when you can see your eyes without dark pencil lines and hair dangling half over them. And trust me, the world of makeup deserves so much more respect than what you’re currently giving it.


Most boys are assholes

And it’ll take more than one to figure that out. AND might I add that just because you might never officially date doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to feel hurt by them. It’s just the age honey, they have too much testosterone than they know what to do with. When the right one makes his move you’ll know it, trust me.



For gods sake. Honestly, I don’t need  to elaborate. You do you perfectly well, your friends do themselves perfectly well, so do strangers and people you’ll never meet. The longer you spend trying to justify in your own head why you’ve done better then them is just time that could be better spent worrying about what you’re going to get from the tuckshop for lunch, and god it better be a fresh chocolate chip muffin because let me tell you, you’ll never find anything like it again.


Your endless love for squash still inspires me

This thing that you’ve got going, all the training and the healthy eating and the focusing. It is time well spent! I can’t tell you how many times you’ll look back at what you achieved and be so damn proud of where you let it take you. Don’t even second guess the parties you won’t go to, or the apparent “bad choices” everyone says teenagers need to make in order to grow, you won’t make those choices because you will be doing what you love. And it will be 100% worth it, I promise.


Don’t let people tell you these are the best years of your life. ALL your years should be

I don’t know how many times throughout high school you’ll hear people say that to you, but it’s a lot. And don’t let that freak you out because, yes, they’re great. But every year after school is great too. And I can’t even begin to explain that your perspective of what “great” really is can change in a nanosecond. Sure times get tough and things test you all the time, but have a look around you, what are you really leaving behind when you finish school? Certainly not your family or your friends, and lets be honest here, those things are really that makes life beautiful.


Most of all, stop worrying so much. Everything will work out beautifully, regardless if it was what you expected.


xx Emily

Violet Rae Cook: 6 Week Update

Don’t ask me how we are already at 6, nearly 7 weeks… I simply can’t answer it, and it makes me quite anxious to think just how damn quickly time is passing. 

Every day that passes we see more and more of Violet’s personality shine through, and god, it only makes us love her more. She’s curious, happy, and bloody strong! I didn’t think it was possible but for such a small baby she can pack a kick, and a head butt, that’s for sure. 

At 4 and a half weeks she ROLLED! Which initiated the transition from her cradle to her cot, like a big girl in her very own room. Of course, she’s not slept through yet, but is adjusting impressively well to self settling and waking up in her own room by herself. 

At 6 weeks we got our first real social smile. And let me tell you, that brings tears of happiness to any new parents eyes. After weeks on end of changing nappies, feeding all hours of the day and soothing a screaming baby, to finally see their little smile, it wells your heart. Somehow making everything you’ve been through so much more worth it. And I’m probably a bit biased but that smile is absolutely gorgeous. I’m living for the cute little gurgling baby sounds she makes as she watches our faces intently, taking all of the world in.
And great news! She’s absolutely loving her baths now, if you’ll remember in my last post I said she hated them and would scream bloody murder every time we tried to get her in there. But I can happily say she had about a half hr bath with me tonight and loved every minute of it.

It’s safe to say that we’re adjusting a lot better to this whole parenting gig. You don’t believe it in the beginning when they tell you that you’ll get used to not having enough sleep, but you really truly do. I feel fully functional on 6 hrs of broken sleep a night, and I’m damn proud of myself for it. Nappy changes happen in under 2 minutes these days, and we haven’t had a poo-splosion in weeks, which I nail down to the fact that we can actually put a nappy on properly! 

On Monday we had her 6 week immunisations, and if you’re a parent you’ll share my pain, I honestly think it hurts more to watch than it actually is painful for Bub. But it’s comforting to know that she’s more better equipped to deal with all different types of bugs the world could throw at her. And that she can now socialise with other babies! Which I’m hoping to get happening in the next few weeks by attending lactation groups and mothers groups.

I feel like she’s very easy on us, I mean obviously she has her moments but every baby does. She’s settling in so well to being a little human. And god, I never knew how much love you could hold in your heart until now, and I tell you what, it just keeps growing and growing. 

Bump Update: 2 Weeks Postpartum 

Tomorrow, Violet is 2 weeks old! Which means tomorrow marks 2 weeks since I gave birth, yep… two weeks since the big ouchie. 
 I know what you’re thinking, postpartum… squishy belly, fluctuating hormones, bleeding… you’d be right in thinking those things. But I’m going to be honest here, it’s not that bad. Everyone certainly prepares you for the worst but hey, this will be a positive post, promise. 

The day of: sure it was kind of sucky, after pains, kind of struggling to walk without feeling like your insides will fall out… but you’ve got a baby in your arms! And you can bask in the glory of adrenaline and how awesome you are for bringing a human into the world! (No matter how you did it). I will admit I was pretty damn smitten. And no matter how many nurses/midwives/other mums told me how important it is to sleep and not stay up all night gawking at our awesome little creation of a human, I stayed up… all night. You guessed it, gawking. 

Day 2-3: they say these days are the hardest but to be honest, with the support of my lovely mum, Dan and his mum, they weren’t as hard as people said they’d be. Vi slept, and ate, and pooped, and slept… and didn’t really give us any grief at all. Belly was still squishy! But I’d mostly regained my ability to use my abdominal muscles to sit up. Holy though… my milk came in night of day two and shook me to the core. They tell you they get big, but I severely underestimated just how big. Like bigger than my effing head big. Once again the hot shower was my friend

Day 4-14: from my milk coming in until now is all pretty much the same. My bump slowly fades back into me with every day. And we’re gradually getting used to the whole sleeping thing. And by sleeping thing, I mean not sleeping. Vi got herself into a routine fairly quickly. From night 4 onward she was up around 10pm, 1am, 4am and 7ish and bless her little heart, most nights she slept soundly in between feeds. 

I’m learning pretty quickly what I can and can’t eat. Onion and garlic are no go’s obviously, even a little and she has trouble getting her burps up, which of course means a fussy Bub and therefore less sleep for everyone in general. But I think everything so far has been really very cruisy. We’re not having any trouble breast feeding (yay) and Vi is putting on the right amount of weight according to our midwife, who visited every day for 4 days and now will be visiting once a week for 6 weeks on a Wednesday. 

I can honestly say there is no way things could have been this easy without the help of my mum. She’s up every morning with Vi from about 7am until 9-10 ensuring Dan and I get just that little extra bit of sleep we might need. She’s cooked me dinner, taken me for a pedi, gone on afternoon walks with Vi, Mo and I. Just been that extra little bit of help we really didn’t know we needed but totally do need. She leaves on Tuesday and I’m really going to miss her, but so so thankful to have such support and love in my life, and to know her and all of our family, on both sides will always be around to help out.

I’m really just so thankful with how beautiful our journey has been. A wonderfully smooth pregnancy, an incredible birth and cruisy first two weeks. We’re slowly getting the hang of things. And so far this whole parenting gig has been full of nothing but endless love. 

I’m planning of continuing posts as often as possible. Of course this will be my last bump update though! As the bump is pretty much gone, but replaced by a cute little baby, who has totally stolen our hearts. 

Violet Rae Cook: A Natural Birth story by a young mum

“In the end, the only thing you truly feel is infinite, incredible love”


I’ve debated with myself all week on whether or not I would write (and post) Violet’s birth story. But today, a week after her birth, it just feels right. If birth stories aren’t really your thing you can stop reading now, I promise I won’t be offended, and nor will Violet.

I guess with these things you should start with the beginning, but to be totally honest, if you’ve been keeping up with my Bump Updates, you’d know I really can’t pinpoint exactly when it began. Violet joined us at 37+5 weeks gestation, but I’d had ‘pre-labour’ symptoms from about 34-35 weeks, things like losing my mucus plug, lightning crotch, more intense Braxton Hicks contractions, you know… all the things I had been complaining about.

The whole week before labour I definitely felt like something was building up, I was sleeping ALL THE TIME, I was having nights of constant Braxton Hicks (confusing me as to whether it was real labour or not) and to be honest with you, I was losing my mind. I had no way of knowing if the things I had been experiencing were actually a sign labour was near, or if I’d be experiencing these things for the next 2-4 weeks.

I guess if I could choose myself a point to say “thats when I knew” I’d probably say about 8pm on Saturday the 4th of February. Cooking chicken Parmy (classic aussie) with Dan in the kitchen, I had the biggest contraction I’d ever felt, not just a slight pain, a breath taking, eye watering contraction. I had to grab Dan to stay upright. Afterward though I definitely played it down, both in my head and to Dan. As we were eating dinner I remember saying, “yeah it really hurt, but like, I still don’t really know… you know?”. We finished dinner and went to bed, only for me to wake up to awful back pain at around 2am. I rang my mum at around 3:30, crying. Crying because I was in pain, crying because I wasn’t sure if it was actually labour, and crying because if it wasn’t labour I couldn’t deal with it for the next few weeks. She calmed me, told me to take some panadol, try to sleep and to ring her when I woke up- from there we’d figure out if it was labour and whether or not she needed to fly down.

“And when I say my waters broke… I can tell you they really damn broke. Like a bloody waterfall”

Well I didn’t need to wait long to know if she really needed to come down and if it really was labour, because the next morning about half an hour after I had woken up my waters broke. And when I say my waters broke… I can tell you they really damn broke. Like a bloody waterfall, all over the brand new mattress (lucky we’d thought ahead and made sure to have a mattress protector on the bed). One second I was lying there laughing at a dumb video on Facebook with Dan and the next second I was a human fire hose. When I told him my waters broke he asked me if I was sure, and I laughed at him as I whipped the sheets down and showed him the pool of fluid I was practically swimming in. Right. Ring mum. She needs to get here. Ring the midwife. We’re having a damn baby.

The next couple of hours were super nerve wracking, contractions hadn’t really kicked in but I was having regular tightenings, and I was also pretty worried about whether my mum would make it in time. We went into hospital at around 9:30am for a quick foetal monitoring and to check if it was my waters that had gone. Laughs, especially considering I needed two towels to get to the damn hospital. It was my waters, and everything was completely normal with baby. Ring mum. She’s got a flight for 12noon. Go home. Rest. Come back when contractions are painful and less than 5 minutes apart.

“They were getting more intense for sure, the kind of intense that makes you contemplate strangling small animals”

The next 10 hours were pretty uneventful, tightenings were becoming more regular but they were still just that- tightenings, not real contractions. Mum arrived around 2, Relief. Only at around 6pm did we really start to measure things and much to our frustrations they were all over the place. 5 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart, 15 minutes apart… They were getting more intense for sure, the kind of intense that makes you contemplate strangling small animals. But they weren’t close enough together. So we waited and waited and waited until I decided they were painful enough to warrant going into hospital at 11:30pm. Arrive at hospital. Foetal monitoring for half an hour. All normal. Zero centimetres Dilated. ZERO CENTIMETRES DILATED. Tears. Home. Sleep.

We got home at around 2am, said our goodnights and went to bed. The midwife had given me some sleeping pills to get some sleep, that lasted all of about an hour before I was woken up by definitely stronger, more painful contractions. I couldn’t stay lying down through them, for a few contractions I stayed in bed, sitting up for each contraction and then lying back down and trying to fall back to sleep. Impossible. By 3:30am I was up, I decided to use this time to labour on my own, I needed the time to focus on letting my body do what it needed to do. I hopped in the shower for about 10 minutes. the hot water helped, but then I felt like I needed to walk through the contractions, so I got out and paced the kitchen for what felt like hours, stopping to breathe through every contraction like I’d ran a marathon, this woke my mum up. By this time it was around 4:15am. Mum helped me through the contractions, encouraged me to sit when I could to save energy, but the problem was, when I sat and a contraction came on I felt pressure in my bottom (If you’ve had a baby you know pressure in your bottom gives you the urge to push, and being still at home I DID NOT WANT THIS). 4:45am Back in the shower. Breathe through contractions. Getting stronger. 5am Dan wakes up helps me through contractions. 5:30am still in the shower. Getting a LOT stronger. Call the midwife. 6:30am leave for hospital.

I can still pinpoint the two exact places I had contractions in the car on the way to the hospital on the 7 minute drive, it felt like 7 hours. Our hospital has it’s birth centre on the second story and an awfully slow elevator so the stairs were our best option. I cried at the bottom of the stairs mid contraction, because it hurt, because I really didn’t want to walk up the stairs but mostly because I knew that the next time I’d be walking these stairs I would have a baby in my arms. Dan held my hand, mum rubbed my back and we got up them.

Once we got up into a birthing suite I was sat on the bed for more monitoring, all was normal and contractions were strong and regular, yes. But sitting on that bed for contractions was not where I wanted to be, advice: move through contractions! I couldn’t at this time as I needed antibiotics, just because my water had been broken for more than 18 hrs (normal standard procedure for such occasions), and they gave me them via drip. After the drip was finished I was given an internal: 5cm dilated. I wasn’t disappointed nor optimistic. I was focused. Move me to the shower. Knees on the ground. Leaning on exercise ball. Hot water on back. Perfect. Exactly where I felt I needed to be.

By the time I was in the shower it was nearing 8am, mum had called the rest of the birth team and told them I was 5cm, so we could expect a baby by lunch time, but maybe later. So they went and got some breakfast and made their way over. Contractions were intense, very intense, but I didn’t want to move from where I was. Not for gas and air, not for any other form of pain relief. The hot water was doing everything it needed to do for me. Dan kept the water on my back the whole hour, and slowly but surely contractions got closer and closer together. Around 8:45 I started to panic a little, I felt a very very intense need to push, and I was panicking because not even 2 hours before I was only 5cm, so I can’t be ready to push, can I? The midwife reassured me that if I felt like I needed to push then I could. So I did. Contractions weren’t contractions anymore, it was one long single contraction and it wasn’t ending. Dan, let go of her hand you need to help catch your daughter. Mum, hold my hand. I can’t do this. Yes you can. We can see her head, Emily. Touch it. You can do this. Yes, I can. I’m doing this.

“I’m told I pushed for around 15 minutes, but I can tell you now, it felt like eternity and at the same time it felt like seconds”

I’m told I pushed for around 15 minutes, but I can tell you now, it felt like eternity and at the same time it felt like seconds. Absolutely nothing compares to those last few pushes. The last few seconds of being just me, Em, before I became a mother. The amount of love you feel through every second of the pain is indescribable. And the massive feeling of release when your child enters the world and is brought up into your arms is utterly incredible. At 9:12am on February 6th 2017, Daniel caught his daughter and helped scoop her down through my legs and onto my chest. And we all cried. She was here. She was healthy. She was all ours. And about a minute later my mum held my face and said to me “Can you just tell us one thing? What is her name?” and Dan and I replied together, with the most love either of us have ever felt

“Violet Rae”


Bump Update: Week 37

The question on everyone’s minds answered: yes I’m still pregnant! Of course I’m only 37 weeks so you’d expect me to be right! The last week has been testing, which is why I’m surprised and also not surprised that I’m still pregnant. A few things hinted labour might be near, but of course like everything else birth related, it’s completely unpredictable.

I find it still so strange that with how advanced our world is, labour and birth (timeline wise) are still totally, for the most part, unpredictable. We live in a world where we can get everything we want almost instantaneously, we want to talk to someone we call or text them, we want to buy something right now and we can just by clicking a few buttons on our phones or laptops, we want to know something, and there’s good old google right there for us immediately. Though babies? They’re still a different story.

It’s almost refreshing how out of control you are when it comes to bringing on labour. I mean seriously we control pretty much everything else in our lives! With babies we can drink the tea, do the squats, walk to our hearts content, down the spicy curry, but ultimately that baby is going to come when shes ready, and not a minute before. How crazily exciting but at the same time also incredibly frustrating. Now I might not be near my due date yet, so probably have no right to start complaining but when pre-labour stuff is happening night after night and you’re still waking up the next day just as pregnant as you were before it’s exhausting, physically and emotionally.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve cried to Daniel telling him “I just don’t want to be pregnant anymore”, but you’d need more than 10 fingers and 10 toes. Despite it all I can definitely admit that this week has probably been one of the more emotional weeks, and probably because of a few things, lack of sleep, hormones but most of all, and I’m being totally honest here, its impatience, and believe me it’s something I’m working on! After all, if anything, patience will be one of the biggest things I ever learn from my daughter. 

Being one of the most natural and instinctual life experiences any woman will ever go through, I am reminding myself to stop wishing and hoping for the day to arrive and simply let nature run its course. Enjoy the peace and quiet while I have it and the sleep ins when my body has been allowing it. February is here and we’ve come so so far! So as of now I’ve decided to stop playing the waiting game and start appreciating where we are right now. The afternoons spent with Dan lying in the aircon laughing over videos that no one else probably finds funny, the excitement and joy on his face I still see every time he feels her move… just all of it. And though it will get tough learning the ropes with a newborn, I have a feeling that there will be even more love and beautiful moments in our lives than we could ever imagine ❤