Bump Update: Week 21/22 – It’s a Girl!


We’ve finally had our gender reveal party!! And as many of you already know, it’s a girl! despite the literally overwhelming amount of people (including myself) who had their bets on it being a little boy, it is indeed a little lady. You have no idea how difficult it has been not to share this with everyone! Dan and I have known for just over a month now, and I’ve been itching to tell everyone since. Lots of people have asked why we didn’t wait until she was born to find out that she was a girl and in all honesty, we’re far too impatient for that. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to properly prepare for her arrival, colour scheme and all, by not finding out.

In the past two weeks we’ve had a lot on! We’ve been to Bundaberg and back, had another appointment with our midwife, booked in for our antenatal class (yes! finally), scheduled my Glucose Test (ew), Planned a getaway for my birthday weekend (IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS, YAS!) and we witnessed, for the first time in real life, a lady in labour. Holy Jesus… the lady in labour, never have I heard a scream so loud and so emotional in my whole entire life. Which then of course, launched me into the curiosity of what my own labour will be like.

From there I made the firm decision that I would be, to the best of my ability and as long as it is safe for myself and our baby, going entirely Natural (this is not to say that I am not open to all possibilities happening, I’m aware that birth can take many different turns that one doesn’t always have a say in what happens, especially in emergencies). I know what you’re thinking… but you just said the lady was screaming and loud, why would you want that? Why not drug it up? And as much as I respect all women and their chosen ways of birthing (ladies, you’re all Queens), personally I feel that birthing, the way nature intended, is a life event that I want to experience in full.

Funnily enough I’ve actually begun looking forward to the birth (yes I’m crazy and optimistic, isn’t it wonderful?) ever since my midwife suggested looking up hypnobirthing, and I can’t imagine our babies journey into the world any other way. The basic principles are that a calm, relaxed and focused mother can subside pain and further create a calmer, happier baby (sounds ludicrous right?). So I’m staying optimistic and delving myself further into studying hypnobirthing and how to personalise it for myself. If any of my fellow mummas to be would like to know what I’m going on about feel free to message me, maybe we can share our crazy dream of a better way of birthing together.

How’ve I been feeling? Well, very very positive lately, despite a few things happening in our lives to do with our close family recently that have been definitely quite sad, I’ve felt like my hormones have actually been helping me cope with these things. It’s almost like they remind me that despite the things that are happening now, there are good things coming very soon to look forward to. Never in my life have I been able to deal with grief in such a way, to feel so at peace with the fact that loved ones, although have left us, are now in a better place where they can be entirely free of the boundaries that life at times sets up for us. I’d like to know if this is linked to my hormones (you know, scientifically) and the more instinctive way of my body not holding on to stress and grief to accommodate for the little life inside of me.

Health wise I’ve been bumping (pun intended) along quite nicely. I’ve not experienced nausea in a long long while, and I’ve been trying to keep exercise in my daily routine to the best of my ability, as well as still devouring fruit like a fruit bat who’s been starved for weeks. Our little girl is always kicking and flipping and reminding us of how big she’s getting, so everything is looking very on track so far! I just can’t begin to describe how overjoyed I’ve been feeling, to finally let everyone know that he/she is actually a SHE. It still shocks me every single day that somehow, all on its own my body is growing this tiny, beautiful little human, and that in February we’ll finally get to meet her. Hopefully we can narrow the long list of names we like sometime before then!love.jpg




Pregnancy and Skincare: Coconut Oil (God) 

Ah, the beautiful coconut. The kind of smell that makes you want to relax into a beach towel on the shores of Fiji with your head in a book and your toes in the sand, makes you hum the tune to Escape (the Pina Colada song) while actually drinking coconut water because you’re too broke and too pregnant to be drinking Pina coladas, and the kind that reminds you of that self tanning lotion everyone used to buy in high school and wear to school because it smelled good. That kind of coconut is the coconut that has saved my itchy and sore all over body for the last few weeks. 
All women who have gone through pregnancy would recall the itchiness and uncomfortableness of the stretching *cries* of your skin. And that’s not just the skin on your belly, your back, boobs and bum cop it too (I know, we don’t have it easy). But thankfully, the God of coconut oil has been in my life a long time! Two years actually, and call it instinct, but the night I first started feeling this uncomfortable sting, I went straight for the coconut oil. And truth be told you don’t have to be pregnant to reap the benefits of this glorious and natural gift from our Mother Earth.

Coconut oil (in my direct experience) has helped me with the following in the last two years; 

  • Fading stretch marks 
  • Fading skin pigmentation (facial)
  • Removing stubborn eyeliner
  • After shave moisturiser (makes your skin feel like a baby Angels bum) 
  • Moisturiser in general 
  • Fading scarring (boil scarring and scratches) 
  • Helps create natural body heat (rub it on your chest or all over your body in winter and you’ll be set for a comfy and warm nights sleep) 
  • Helping with itchiness of stretching skin
  • Hopefully preventing larger stretch marks (I’ll keep you posted on this one, I’m not expecting a miracle and I won’t be upset if I do get stretch marks because I’ll be proud of my body regardless, BUT if it does happen to prevent them I’ll be sure to share it) 

For any lovely Mummas to be interested in my skin routine, it’s not complex at all. Get yourself some organic coconut oil, doesn’t matter what brand as long as it is certified organic (never know what nasties are hiding in the non organic ones that may not be good for your little one), and after every shower or bath you have put it on any area you feel your skin is uncomfortably stretching. The reason I do it after a shower or bath is because the warm water opens up your pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb the oil to do its magic, and then as your skin cools your pores will close meaning you’ll be less oily all over because the oil is absorbed into your pores! 

So basically, it has a butt ton of benefits that I couldn’t help but share with all of my lovely followers, because even if you’re not pregnant it is a gift from God, a natural and beautiful way to keep your skin healthy. 

(Not sponsored or anything, I just really flipping love coconut oil hahaha!)